HGH : Understanding How Growth Hormones Work

When considering using human growth hormones as a means of increasing muscle mass, it’s important to know there is little research supporting its effectiveness. While it is true that human growth hormone (HGH) therapy is recommended for young patients diagnosed as afflicted with growth hormone deficiency, it doesn’t mean that the therapy will produce the same results in healthy adults.

Understand that growth hormones are not directly responsible for increasing muscle mass. A hormone is produced by the brain, specifically the pituitary gland. Its purpose is to signal to the tissues and body organs to perform certain functions of releasing certain substances used by major body organs.

In the case of HGH, these are hormones that signal the liver to release a substance called insulin-like growth factor 1, a.k.a. IGF-1. This is the substance that directly helps patients with liver disorder, to help the body build muscle mass.

Actually, researchers say that the increased body mass is merely a case of increased water retention. That is why the positive effects of IGF-1 do not include increased muscle strength.

Debunking Other Misconceptions about HGH

Medical experts explain that while there are no sufficient studies attesting to the health benefits of HGH in healthy adults, they also emphasize that the same goes for other benefits claimed by HGH proponents:

Improving Exercise Capabilities

Researchers explain that inasmuch as there is increased water retention among patients undergoing HGH treatment, their tolerance for exercise or physical activities also increases. Yet long term use of HGH for any other purpose than to help patients with liver disorder maintain muscle mass, is not recommended. Prolonged or unnecessary use of HGH increases risks of developing a rare medical conditiion called Acromegaly.

Acromegaly is the exact opposite of growth deficiency, as the bones and muscle tissues grow rapidly, causing abnormality as well as increasing morbidity and mortality rates among afflicted patients.

Increasing Bone Density

While another professed benefit of HGH therapy is increased bone density, this function is also stimulated by the IGF-1 substance produced by the liver. IGF-1 stimulation is said to trigger osteoblast, a condition that promotes bone formation through increased bone cell production and proliferation. The osteoblast occurrence can also trigger osteoclast, which is a bone activity resulting in bone resorption. The reabsorption process will lead to increased accumulation of bone cells, which in cases of Acromegaly, can lead to rapid and abnormal bone growth.

These explanations clearly illustrate why the use of HGH for building body mass must be supervised by a medical professional. HGH Lager gives advice for those who order HGH injectable online to deal only with reputable European manufacturers. Still, it’s also important that the websites of these manufacturers must provide information about their products and of their shipping methods.

Magnesium Deficiency : Understanding its Primary and Underlying Causes

Most of us buy vitamin supplements to improve the nutritional value of our daily diet, we give little attention to mineral ingredients in assessing food quality. Magnesium for one has been drawing attention lately as being one of the elements of food nutrition that people commonly lack. Studies coming from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) revealed that one of the common causes of low energy levels and dysfunctions in the nervous system and heart is Magnesium Deficiency.

Medical researchers report that even if Magnesium is a mineral present in many food, it’s not something that the body can easily absorb or retain during cellular processing. Fundamentally, Magnesium is one of several electrolytes like calcium, potassium and sodium that work together to help the body function properly.

Electrolytes help in the production of energy, in the development of bones, as well as in the regulation of blood pressure and muscle contractions. In cases when the level of magnesium in the blood is low, other electrolytes are affected as they cannot function properly as well.

The Supplements Industry Develops a Magnesium Supplement with Improved Absorbability

Upon learning of the NIH findings about Magnesium, manufacturers of dietary supplements were quick to formulate a solution to the magnesium absorbability problem.

Ordinarily the chemical process known as chelation, is employed to primarily remove the toxic elements given off by heavy metals as sources off mineral nutrients. Chelation also allows the formation of stable compounds using a chelating or binding agent that strongly attracts minerals.

In the case of Magnesium, supplements chemists used the amino acid taurine as a chelating agent in producing a more stable and nutritive compound called Magnesium Taurate.

However hold your horses, before rushing to add Magnesium Taurate to your daily dietary supplements. There are other pieces of  information you need to know about Magnesium Deficiency, which could affect other aspects of your health condition.

The first step to take before taking a new medication or supplement is to consult your physician. Doing so is important in making sure Magnesium Taurate will not potentially cause other complications as far as your current health conditions are concerned. .

Other Causes of Magnesium Deficiency

While the most common cause of Magnesium Deficiency is the body’s inability to absorb Magnesium electrolytes, some others have certain health conditions that pose as underlying causes.

Trouble in absorbing magnesium organically coming from food intakes can be the result of drinking alcohol in excessive amounts, as such condition can be linked to kidney problems,

Some people have what is known as celiac disease or aversion to foods containing gluten. It’s an autoimmune disease suffered by people who are genetically predisposed to experience ingestion problems caused by glutenous substances.

Individuals taking certain medicines regularly as treatment for another illness can also cause poor absorption of magnesium in the cells.

Taking a Magnesium Test

If you are a healthy person but recently experiencing trouble in getting a good night’s sleep due to muscle cramps; or have lost your appetite for food and at the same time feeling stressed and agitated all the time, your physician will recommend for you to take a Magnesium Test. Your doctor has to first find out if you have low or normal levels of magnesium. That way, he or she will have proper bases in determining if Magnesium Taurate is the right supplementary treatment for you.

Anorexia Nervosa – Understanding the Cause of this Eating Disorder

A lot of attention is being placed on the growing number of obese people, yet this health issue also produced a group of people afflicted with anorexia nervosa. Studies about obesity show that at any given time in any population, about 0.3% to 0.4% of young women and at least 0.1% of young men, are bound to suffer from a kind of eating disorder identified as anorexia nervosa.

What Exactly is Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia nervosa is one of several mental conditions, which according to the National Institute of Mental Illness, is linked to an eating disorder characterized by having a distorted perception of weight gain. As a result, the disorder causes intense feelings of anxiety over putting on additional weight.

People suffering from anorexia nervosa have an abnormally low body weight and low self esteem, in relation to their age, gender, physical development and health condition. It’s an eating disorder because people who suffer from this mental condition demonstrate a significant persistence in reducing food intake. The action in turn limits the energy supplied to their body in order to function properly.

There is a lack of recognition about the serious implications of low body weight in individuals diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. The eating disorder promotes controlling weight and body shape through use of extreme methods of preventing weight gain; making the behavior a significant part of their lives.

Such methods include inducing vomiting after consuming food, or by using laxatives unnecesseraily. Some others are obsessed with weight loss supplements, constipation enemas, diuretics or excessive exercise. No matter how much weight is lost, the person continues to fear weight gain every time he or she eats.

Signs that a Person Suffers from Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia nervosa is not about the amount of food intake but more on the urge to lose weight. Regardless of the quantity of lost weight, anorexic people feel a need to control their calorie intakes, which often leads to a demonstration of the following symptoms:

  • Thinness of appearance
  • Dry, yellowish skin
  • Feelings of fatigue and dehydration
  • Low blood pressure
  • Abnormal blood counts
  • Dizzy spells and at worst, fainting
  • Insomnia
  • Bluish discoloirations occurring in the fingers,
  • Weak and thinning hair leading to excessive hairfall,
  • Disruptions in menstrual cycle
  • Abdominal pain leading to constipation
  • Inability to tolerate cold temperaturesn
  • Irregularity of heart beat

Although anorexia nervosa is a complex eating behavior as it is linked to a mental condition, it is a treatable eating disorder,

Sufferers should understand that if it becomes necessary, weight loss supplements like Exipure, do not promote fasting or aggressive methods of controlling weight gain. People who actually had to deal with excessive weight, or with obesity found the Exipure pill effective because its formulation focuses on blocking fat storage and boosting the body’s efficiency in burning calories.

Based on a comprehensive review of how Exipure works , weight loss is achieved by a process of converting white fat cells into becoming brown fat cells. That way, the converted cells will automatically burn the stored fat to increase the amount of energy generateed by the body. The process, therefore achieves weight loss by burning stored fat instead of limiting calorie intakes.

All on 4 Dental Implants : Know the Challenges Posed by the Treatment

When planning to have an all on 4 dental implant, it’s important to know not only the benefits, but also the challenges you will face after the treatment. This is of particular importance to edentulous patients, individuals who have lost all or most of their teeth as there is an edentulous space in their mouth.

Still, some non-endentulous who lost only a few, are also contemplating on all on 4 dental implants as a better option for the conventional crowns or dentures. Many who learn about the benefits and advantages of the all on 4 dental implants, a.k.a. full-arch fixed implant bridges, are convinced the treatment is the ultimate solution to all types of dental problems.

Important Things to Anticipate When Opting for an All on 4 Dental Implant

The full arc bridges are supported by four to six metal implants made of acrylic materials like porcelain, monolithic zirconia and titanium, which are assembled into a cobalt-chromium frame. Although many encourage the all-on-4 as the best option, oral surgeons also present them with certain conditions that they should consider before finally deciding on an all-on-4 treatment.

Minor Speech Issues When speech issues arise, they can be overwhelming for patients who are not aware that a minor speech flaw might ensue. Bridges that are supported by implants need horizontal and vertical bulk for strength. Furthermore, most bridges need to have 15 millimeters or more of height, to replace healthy bone and soft-tissue volume. Such conditions can affect a patient’s ability to pronounce speech sounds using letters “T”, “D”, and “N”.

Struggle to Adjust to Bridge Thickness – The bridge bulk of an all-on-4 dental implant replacement can be very hard for patients to psychologically adjust to when always feeling the unnatural thickness. During the transition process, patients feel both real and artificial soft tissue, which if posing as a problem to a patient, cannot be undone because it’s irreversible.

Proprioception is a term that refers to having awareness of the position and movement, which in this context concerns the mouth. Having a dental implant would require 10 times more force to apply than it would take to do the same action with a natural teeth. The lack of proprioception feedback could cause patients to bite excessively, which can lead to bone loss or fractures of the restoration.

High Caries Risk
Older adults are at high risk of tooth decay that lead to caries or cavities as both teeth and gums wear down as people age. Having an all on 4 bridge can make adults vulnerable to root decay, especially older adults who take medications that lessen saliva flow, heightens the risk of developing root decay.

Parafunction – This term refers to habits like irregular chewing cycles and clenching, which might not have the right effect on an all-on-4 dental implant treatment. The bulk, the poor feedback or proprioception will increase the chances of developing negative oral behaviors. 

Detoxification: Who Needs It and Why

When skin is radiant and glowing, it’s a reflection that what’s going in the body are nourishments and that no waste is retained to turn up as skin blemishes. In addiction rehabilitation, patients have to undergo full-body detoxification in order to rid the body of all toxic substances at the very start, to clear the path toward recovery.

Anyway, as part of personal hygiene regimen, mild gentle detoxification can be performed regularly, especially if there are signs the body is not sending the right health signals.

Signs that Your Body Needs Self-Cleansing

When deciding to introduce a new kind of diet to your body you must first self-cleanse from within, to allow the self-healing process to begin. Still, there are other signs that you need to self-cleanse with mild, gentle concoctions of detoxifying ingredients to rid the body of toxins that have been causing the following:

  • Frequency of poor bowel movement such as diarrhoea, constipation or other gastro-intestinal problem related to waste elimination.
  • Unexplained feelings of fatigue;
  • Occurrences of allergies, rashes, hives or other skin blemishes or skin irritations;
  • Susceptibility to repeated infections
  • Puffy swollen eyes
  • Bloating and stomach acidity
  • Inability to concentrate or to apply undisturbed attention
  • Mood swings

Examples of Gentle Detoxification Solutions

Drinking plenty of water is already a gentle form of detoxification. However, you can increase the potency of water by adding lemons

Lemon water combination taken before anything else in the morning can balance the body’s pH or acidity level.

Eating green salad or juicing up dark, green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, broccoli and celery, provides a healthy dose of phytonutrients and antioxidants that are important in eliminating toxic elements out of the body.

Eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans provides the body with fiber, particularly, insoluble fiber that does not break down easily. As such, insoluble fiber stays longer in the intestine and bulks up by absorbing gut wastes before going out of the digestive system.

Give your body 12 hours interval between meals to give the body time to digest each meal before eating again.

Detoxification in Drug Rehab Centers

Detoxification procedures in addiction rehabilitation facilities are more strict and rigid as they revolve around the addiction history of a patient. Aside from info about the abused substance/s, the development of the cleansing diet will take into consideration the age, the gender, the medical history and current mental health condition of the patient. Readers from Arizona will find comprehensive information about detox centers Phoenix az at the Axiom Care website.

About Community Health Centers and Obamacare Market Places for Affordable Coverages

Community Health Centers are essential institutions in every country as their main purpose is to provide health care to the underserved members of society.

In the U.S, the federal government under President Barack Obama made it possible for all states to expand their community health services by building new centers through the additional $2 billion funding commitment embodied in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Although community health centers (CHCs) provide care to everyone regardless of their ability to pay, the services available are usually primary and preventive care services for immunizations, pediatrician and OB-GYN doctor visits , laboratory and radiology, pharmacy, dental, health screenings and mental health services.

Low income families who face additional medical costs but who do not have health insurance coverage can still be served by enrolling in the state’s Medicaid program. Those whose income do not qualify for Medicaid, can find financial assistance and/or affordable health coverage from the federal Health Insurance Marketplace. However, individuals or families need te enroll before the Open Enrolment Period/

What is the Health Insurance Marketplace?

The Obamacare health insurance or also known as the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace supplies affordable health plans like a shopping place. Specifically available only for those who are registered through the website.


Florida takes pride in having the widest health care plan to offer under the Obamacare or Affordable Care Act. Statistics show that as of last year, 95% of people enrolled at the Florida Marketplace have received subsidies that decrease their monthly premiums. They have also announced that the Open Enrollment period for next year will start on the first day of November up to January 15, 2022.

What is an Open Enrollment Period?

Open Enrollment Period refers to the time period that people can sign up during a year, for affordable insurance at the Marketplace. The period is also the time when they can make some changes when renewing their current plan or change to change their plan entirely.

Those who missed the annual OEP for the year will have to wait until the next year to avail insurances; not unless they are able to provide a valid reason.

Nearly all health insurance plans have an OEP and it includes workplace-based plans. These plans include those that are presented by employers that have more than 50 employees, Medicare, and individual policies that can be bought for personal use or for a whole family.

Ancient Skincare and Beauty Practices Influenced the Growth of the Skin Care Industry

The skin care industry has been growing because the skin care market is now catering not only to older women but also to younger demographics of both sexes. The greater phenomenon is that both men and women prefer private label skin care brands dispensed by dermatology clinics.

Since their main concern is to look and feel good without speeding up the process of aging, they are confident that the products recommended by their dermatologist are the right kind for their skin type. Rather than seek for cure later, the younger generation are now keen on investing on ounces and ounces of prevention.

Skin care isn’t a new trend as ancient artefacts indicate both Egyptian men and women of stature were obsessed with having a beautiful and youthful appearance. Hand-made copper mirror, combs and calcite vessels in assorted sizes were used for storing skin lubricants, perfumes and minerals like green malachite and kohl used as eye makeup.

History of Skin Care for Health and Beauty

The Ancient Egyptians were the proponents in the advancements in skincare ingredients that were proven effective through the centuries. An indication that Ancient Egyptians were engrossed with beauty are their clay face masks which later on expanded to milk and honey.


Egyptian ruler Cleopatra known for her beauty in the ancient world was one of the instigators of similar beauty practices. She was known for bathing in donkey milk baths, using mud masks made from the mud of the Dead Sea twice a week, as a way to purify her skin and preserve her complexion. Not only that, she also spearheaded utilizing egg whites in face masks as an ingredient to make the skin glow.

Known for being one of the Four Ancient Beauties of China, Yang Guifei is one of the ancient pioneers of skincare aside from Cleopatra. Guifei natural materials like pearl, tea leaves, lotus flower, jadeite, and ginger root grounded into powder and then mixed with water to create a beautifying mask. Other women in Emperor Xuanzong’s court jumped on the bandwagon after seeing the effects in Guifei.

Sources of face masks were also found in other parts of Asia such as in ancient India 5,000 years ago where they had a practice called Ayurveda which means “life and knowledge”. Those who practice this holistic lifestyle invented what they call ubtan which are body and face masks. Experts even consider ubtan as one of the very first cosmetic products to exist in the planet.

Ubtan masks vary in ingredients depending on the seasons but there were always plants like aloe vera, roots like turmeric, flowers, and fresh herbs. These masks made tested and mixed on every skin type, which helped improve the practitioners’ health and appearance.

Later on, the ubtan masks were included as a preparation ritual of choice for women during the night before religious ceremonies. Nowadays, believers of the holistic lifestyle Ayurveda are still the same and women tenets still use the very same ingredients in making the masks.

Private label skin care products are not only about anti-acne treatments and anti-aging formulations. It’s actually a broad collection of skin care products specializing in different aspects of skin needs, from eye care, subscreens, to moisturizers for sensitive and ultra-dry complexion, to peels and scrubs for brightening and/or whitening skin.

Coping with Period Pains and Other Menstrual Syndromes

Women from all over the world cope with diverse menstrual syndromes that cannot be avoided, while having their monthly period either at home or at work.

Generally. working women tend to be less vocal about the impact of menstruation, just to avoid interruptions in their activities, and even if it affects the quality of their life. Some others prefer not to talk about any health-related issues; wary that doing so can affect their opportunities for career advancement.

Menstrual Cycles and the Diverse Symptoms Commonly Affecting Women

  • While menstruation as it is, causes discomfort and unease especially while at work, it can be burdensome if it comes with the following syndromes:
  • Pain
  • Muscle cramps or motility if uterine muscles commonly called dysmenorrhea
  • Heavy Bleeding or Menorrhagia
  • Dizzy spells or nausea
  • Headaches causing irritability, mood swings or depression
  • Bloating and constipation due to uterine contractions that slow down the processing of food in the digestive system

These undesirable symptoms are mainly due to the physiological and hormonal changes, which can vary from cycle to cycle.

Understanding the Hormonal Changes that Occur During Menstrual Period

During menstruation periods, there are hormonal changes that transpires in a woman’s body. Understand that hormones are natural chemical compounds produced by glands. The purpose of which is to send signals to the brain in order to trigger responses in corresponding body parts.

Oxytocin for one, controls key functions of the organs in the female reproductive system, particularly the breast and the uterus. It promotes the production of prostaglandins, a group of molecules that controls muscle contractions, blood flow, inflammation and blood clot formations.

During menstrual periods, the levels of oxytocin could intensify the workings of the prostaglandin muscle contractions, causing painful muscle cramps.

Estrogen is another female hormone that influences the condition of the female body during menstrual periods. Estrogen levels in the reproductive system rise and fall during menstruations, which affect the responses of the neurotransmitter serotonin. When estrogen levels are low, slow serotonin responses lead to changes in mood, sleep patterns, and or behavioral responses.

Progesterone – Progesterones help prepare the uterus for ovulation after the reproductive system completes a menstrual cycle. When the menstruation cycle begins, progesterone levels drop, which can likewise influence the responses of the serotonin neurotransmitters.

The negative impacts of all these hormonal changes can of course take their toll on the well-being of a woman who constantly experiences any of the different menstrual syndromes. While some are fortunate to have developed the fortitude to prevent such effects from disrupting their daily activities, many women are not as lucky.

Nevertheless, menstrual syndromes can be managed as there are natural remedies that can provide period pain relief. In addition, there are now essential oils and medications containing biochemical substances. Reference to biochemicals denote that they were extracted from organic ingredients like cucumin, fennel seeds, lemon balm, including the marijuana hemp plant.

Managing the Impact of Menstrual Syndromes

Period pain relief can be attained by applying warm compress on the abdomen or by massaging the abdomen with any of the aforementioned essential oil extracts. Yet working women who experience mood changes that can negatively impact their behavioral and mental functions, need more than pain relief when going through a menstrual cycle.

Traditionally, doctors simply prescribe antidepressants or oral contraceptives that can address hormone imbalances affecting serotonin responses. Since modern medicine now recognizes the medicinal properties of the hemp plant marijuana, a doctor may prescribe medications containing cannabinoids (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the two active compounds of marijuana plants.

Although medications with CBD and THC formulations have been proven effective in promoting feelings of calmness and relaxation, their dosage must be limited to 70 mg per day to avoid dependence that could lead to psychoactive reactions.

Moreover, a person must be at least 18 year of age and not suffering from any other medical condition. Mainly because CBD/THC formulations are not intended as treatment for any illness or health disorder

A Quick Take on What Makes a Weight Management Program Effective

Generally, people with overweight and obesity problems access weight-management programs only if recommended as part of a medical treatment for a health issue. While eating healthy and engaging in physical exercises are the main components of a weight-management program, it’s important that the development of the meal plans and workouts take into consideration a participant’s individual capability to breakdown food, or the so-called metabolism. Mainly because a person’s age, gender, environment and other factors influence a person’s metabolic rate.

Overview of the Metabolic Renewal Program

A weight-management scheme that we can cite as a good example is the Metabolic Renewal program. Here, the diet plans are called metabolic meals because they are customized according to the metabolic rate of each participant. The fitness regime, likewise comprises workouts, designed in conjunction with metabolic meals, to complete a fat-burning plan covering a 12-week period. The weekly meal plans aim to improve metabolism in ways that will control the amount of fat stored by the body, and at the same time promote the right hormonal responses, particularly in relation to energy use and food cravings.

However, the Metabolic Renewal program works best on women since the 12-week diet and fitness plans aim to train the body to have control over various hormones affecting the female anatomy. The developer of the program, Dr. Jade Teta, made a careful study on how the estrogen hormone creates a tendency for women to gain belly fat; as well as make weight-loss achievement difficult when facing different stressful situations common to women.

The Metabolic Renewal Quiz

Since the Metabolic Renewal program is people-centric, a core element that is vital to the customization of the metabolic meals and fitness exercises, is the Metabolic Renewal Quiz. it’s a set of questionnaires that aims to identify the eating habits and hormone type of a person, whilst relating the information gained on the gender, age and other personal information of individual participants.

The results of the comprehensive quiz will be used as the basis for categorizing each participant in a specific metabolic renewal segment; giving particular attention to an individual’s hormone type and the root of a hormone’s predominance in the body. The main purpose of a metabolic renewal quiz is to gain a balanced insight about the type of weight loss option that will produce the best impact on the overall health of a Metabolic Renewal participant.

On the other hand, and through the metabolic renewal quiz, a person seeking to lose weight will have an understanding of what her body needs in order to achieve her weight loss goal. In a way, this motivates a participant to religiously follow the diet plans and workout modules laid out as weekly schedules.

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Reasons Why Bulgarians have Become Increasingly Obese

In as early as 2008, obesity and excessive weight has been noted as prevalent, emerging as a potential problem in the largest urban sectors in Bulgaria. Fast forward to the year 2020 and compared against all levels of nutrition data, the nation has not made any significant effort to meet all global nutrition targets for Bulgarian mothers and their offsprings. Neither has the government taken any positive steps toward bringing down the population’s obesity rate.

The current obesity rate among adult Bulgarian women from ages 18 and older is 24.3% while for adult men in the same age range, the rate of obesity is 25.5%. Not surprisingly, 6.9% of adult women and 8.4% of adult men have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Nutrition Behavior Leading to Childhood Obesity in Bulgaria Children

Bulgaria was ranked No. 5 in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) list of European countries with the highest childhood obesity. Among the factors mentioned as drivers of childhood obesity in Bulgaria are the following:

1.  Poor nutrition combined with a sedentary lifestyle among children.

2. Increased consumption of sugary food and sweetened beverages among school-aged children.

3.  Low intakes of fish and yogurt.

4.  Development of alcohol drinking habits at an early age.

When it comes to sedentary lifestyle, Bulgarian children spend more than 26 hours in front of TV screens on a per week basis.

Furthermore, the country does not have a state program that actively combats childhood obesity, except for the 2013 BASORD. The Bulgarian Association for the Study of Obesity and Related Diseases known as BASORD is an association that organizes week-long annual events for promoting good nutrition habits, healthy lifestyle and engaging in physical activity.

Bulgarian Population’s Unhealthy Dietary Habits in the Past Years

In connection with the growing obesity of Bulgaria’s people, it was also noted that heart disease morbidity and mortality rate in the country is one of the highest in all of Europe. Public health researchers analyzed the changes in dietary habits that transpired during the last decade. The results of the study, which were published the Journal of Hypertension (April 2021 Edition – Volume 39) and are as follows:

While there was a notable decrease in the consumption of sugary foods, there was also a notable devotion to the consumption of chocolate products and soft drinks.

Salt consumption was slightly reduced but the alternatives were processed and dried salty meat products. Moreover, red meat and pork consumption also went on a rise. While fish consumption initially increased during the earlier part of the decade, this diet went on a decline by 2013.

Although vegetables and fruits remained as staple food items, there was less appetite for local produce like cabbages, pepper and apples.

In light of the considerable increase in meat consumption, intakes of alcohol, particularly beer, increased just as significantly.

The makers of Reduslim България understands that in Bulgaria’s present day environment, food consumption provides the ordinary pleasures and comfort of life. As a weight loss supplement, Reduslim do not demand change in lifestyle from users in order to be effective. Its main natural ingredient, the green tea extract, does most of the work by burning the stored calories accumulated in fatty tissues. .

Underlying Reasons Why Consumers are Into Buying Meds Online

The COVID-19 pandemic gave emphasis to the practice of buying medicines from online pharmacies, as a better alternative to making trips to  a local drugstore. Actually, there are underlying reasons why consumers nowadays are into buying meds online.

Even before the 2020 lockdowns at the height of the pandemic outbreak, hundreds of websites had already established businesses that thrived on selling health products and prescription medications. Still, just like any business found on the Internet, consumers must take precautions against deceptive online sellers.

According to market research firm Cyber Dialogue Inc. Internet drug stores represent the sixth most popular ecommerce niche that people visit online. Nonetheless, the research firm believes that despite the popularity of online drugstores, online pharmacies cannot make the traditional “brick and mortar” pharmacies disappear any time soon.

Although there are no reliable figures estimating the proportion of online drugstore sales that filled billions of medical prescriptions dispensed since 1999, the pharma industry’s estimation is that the figures are still fairly small. Yet the reality is that present conditions have made it more and more necessary for consumers to buy their medicines and other healthcare products online.

The Underlying Reasons Why Consumers Prefer to Buy Medicines Online

Aside from being convenient, there are underlying reasons why a great majority of consumers place orders for prescription medicines at online pharmacies.

1.  Shut-in people whose health conditions require or force them to stay indoors, or bar them from travelling a great distance, have been given the ability to purchase medicines on their own.

2.  Buying online affords consumers the advantage of comparative shopping especially for medicines and nutrient supplements that are priced highly by brick and mortar pharmacies.

3.  Access to broader literature pertaining to product information, references and reviews is also seen as an advantage, over buying at traditional drugstores that spend only limited time in interacting with customers.

4.  Maintaining privacy when buying medicine is another benefit when purchasing meds online.

5.  Costs saved from buying medicines not only pertain to lower prices offered by online drugstores, but also include the extra costs of transportation or fuel and other unnecessary expenses incurred when children tag along for the trip.

Are Online Drugstores Legal?

Although one of the inherent risks of buying medicine online is the proliferation of unscrupulous sellers, studies show that many are legal sellers. They in fact require presentation of a prescription before allowing an online purchase transaction.

Medical practitioners, Dr. Ronald Iannocone and Bernard Bloom, took the initiative to conduct research about websites that engage in selling medicines online. They found out that the majority of the legit websites are local “mom & pop” drugstores that have set up ecommerce sites that allow them to serve their customers electronically.

Some others are online outlets of large drugstores, while many are actually pharmaceutical companies located outside of the U.S. The latter group, though, is not licensed to offer their medical products to U.S. online consumers. That being the case, they are not authorized to access digital information needed in verifying the validity of prescriptions, particularly for controlled substances.

What these online drugstores do instead is ask purchasers to fill up questionnaires. Purchase approval is based solely on a physician’s review of the information provided as answers to the questionnaires. The researchers also found out that some sites do not strictly require prescriptions for controlled substances.

However, based on our knowledge and experience of buying soma online no prescription is required by the legitimate website if the purchase is only for low dosages. After all, carisoprodol, which is the generic name of soma, is classified under Schedule IV of Controlled Substances. The classification denotes that although there is indication that the drug can be addictive, the proclivity for addiction is not as high as the controlled substances listed in Schedules I, II, and III.

Still, it’s important for consumers to make important verification of websites that offer medicine and health products without requiring prescriptions. The so–called rogue sellers use the feature to lure consumers into buying fake or expired medications.

Healthy Skin Condition : Optimizing Your Advantage as a Young Influencer

In this day and age of selfies and Tik Tok videos, teenagers of any sexual orientation are making conscious efforts to keep their facial skin blemish-free. It’s not just about popularity, it’s also about getting noticed as a potential endorser or influencer for products targeting their generation. As endorsers for skin care products, their value as skinfluencers can diminish if they don’t have the right facial skin complexion to show as proof that their products work.

If one really wants to stay longer in the competition, where the younger set has greater advantage, the best course to take is to stay healthy. A person’s skin is often the first area where symptoms of unhealthy condition are manifested. Besides, having a healthy skin is one way of warding off bacteria that could cause skin blemishes, and could even lead to skin infection. That being said, the most important aspect to focus on to preserve one’s health is to ensure proper blood circulation.

Why Proper Blood Circulation is Important to a Person’s Skin Health

When a person’s blood flows easily and is able to circulate freely throughout the body including the lower extremities, every organ and every cell functions properly. The skin also benefits from proper circulation, but only if the capillaries connected to the inner layers of skin tissues can deliver enough oxygen, as well as take away any toxic materials that find their way into skin cells.

Be in the know that the epidermis, or the outer skin layer that is visible to the human eye, does not have blood vessels but only capillaries. The latter are the fine network of veins that receive oxygen and nutrients from the blood during circulation. Now if the blood vessels are prevented from diffusing enough blood supply to the capillaries, the skin is the first area that can be affected. The earliest signs are dryness, paleness of color, susceptibility to bacterial infection, sun damage and at worst, premature wrinkles.

Still, there are dos and donts that young people must bear in mind so they can keep their youthful advantage working in their favor.

Dos and Donts to Keep in Mind to Stay Healthy

Keep in mind that as individuals you are in control of your body and what you do, take, or engage in, will reflect well or poorly on your health condition.

Don’t smoke, and if you are already into smoking, the next best step to take is to stop the smoking habit. Smoking is the leading cause of poor blood circulation as the nicotine content can weaken and eventually damage the fine blood vessels connectiing the veins and arteries to cells and tissues.

Do drink plenty of water because water helps maintain blood volume and fluidity during the process of circulation. Blood that is too viscose or thick, slows down the process of circulation.

Do exercise regularly and make it part of your weekly activities because moving about stimulates blood circulation.

Do stick to eating nutritious foods and avoid eating too much of those that contain high levels of cholesterol and saturated fat. These substances tend to get stored in cells as fat that can make it difficult for capillaries to delivery blood that contains oxygen and other nutrients.

If in case you feel you’re not getting enough nutrients from your daily meals, take supplements than can increase vitamin intakes, and other natural nutirents. Natural supplements that contain nitri oxide are helpful as these can help blood vessels open up up during blood circulation.

However, in case you come across recommendations for Rocket Man Naturals because they contain natural nitric oxide, have awareness that they are recommended for male adults. In any case, before taking any kind of supplement, make it a point to consult with you family doctor as he or she, will have a better understanding of the components and and if such supplements are best for you.

In Search of Solutions to Address Anabolic Steroid Use Among Teen Girls

More than a decade ago, a national survey of high school students revealed that about 5.3% of teenage girls responded positively to anabolic steroids use. Many wanted to develop muscles for different reasons; to have better shape and form, or to gain strength as protection. They were of the belief that taking steroids will provide their body with the nutrients that focus on growth and muscle development, since they think they’re not getting much from their regular meals.

In a separate study conducted by researchers at Oregon Health & Science University an analysis was made on data collected from CDC’s 2003 national samples of anabolic steroid use among U.S. teen girls. Dr. Linn Goldberg, head of the university’s Division of Health Promotion and Sports Medicine, said steroid use marked a very risky behavior among the 7,544 teen girls who admitted to taking steroid and other unhealthy or illegal substances.

However, the Oregon University researchers found out that teenage girls involved in sports were the least likely users of anabolic steroids.

Fast forward to the present, the story did not get any better since another study conducted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still detected anabolic steroid use among teenage girls.

Apparently, there are still cases of health problems caused by steroid use that include but not limited to irregular menstrual periods, along with serious acne breakouts and abnormal growth of facial and body hair. All of which have been diagnosed by doctors as due to the presence of man-made steroids in their body systems.

What the FDA is Doing in Addressing the Problem

As additional approach to tackling the problem of steroid use among teenagers, the FDA has been taking actions against the unauthorized sources of anabolic androgenic steroids that most teenagers find online. Although the FDA admits that after one site has been taken down, another would emerge.

Currently black market sellers can now peddle their illegal products by way of e-commerce technologies. There are now advanced messaging apps that use Virtual Private Network (VPN), as opposed to web-based sites that use the public Internet network. That being the case, authorities are unable to their detect the illegal selling activities.

In addition, the FDA is calling the attention of parents of today’s teenagers to have awareness about the potential symptoms of steroid use and abuse. Signs include mood swings, serious acne outbreaks, increased body hair, and in some cases, the development masculine-like muscles.

Parents’ Role in Discouraging and Preventing Their Teen Girls from Using Anabolic Steroids

Perhaps the FDA should also encourage parents to provide their children with more healthy nutrition from which their teenagers can derive natural steroids. Steroids after all are synthetic versions of the natural chemical compounds occurring in plants, animals and animal by-products. Nowadays, most urban families are seeing both parents fully immersed in their respective job/s, thinking that in their teen years, their teenage daughters are able to fend for themselves.

Unfortunately, many modern-day parents overlook the nutritional needs of children entering the age of puberty, which could affect the development of a teenage girl’s body. As a result, young girls look for solutions online, following different suggestions and recommendations for improving physical appearance. Yet they do so without properly understanding the potential consequences of products being endorsed by influencers and advertising media.

By the way, it is also worth mentioning that not all online sources of anabolic steroid supplements are the same, as many are actually authorized distributors of pharmaceutical companies.

CanadaPeds dot com for one, has the largest inventory, being a leading supplier to many bodybuilders and intense fitness-workout buffs. As athletes, they receive prescriptions for steroid use to help in rapid muscle repair and cell generation.

While the online site also carries pharma grade steroids manufactured by a UGL known as syn pharma, the people working at CanadaPeds vetted the safety of the products before allowing inclusion in the online store’s inventory.

Fat Burner Feedback and Reviews Support Thermogenic Efficiency Claims of PhenQ

Thermogenic supplements have been receiving positive feedback from users, as the natural composition of the fat burners delivered speedy results as promised. Based on reviews of burn supplement at riverfronttimes, PhenQ is the leading brand for women as many have cited this brand as the one that helped them quickly turn around their health for the better.

The said fast burner review broke down the composition of PhenQ as a better way to explain the thermogenic properties of the brand. As a weight loss supplement, PhenQ is not just an appetite suppressant as it also helps the body speed up metabolism in order to burn calories faster. Each dose of PhenQ supplement contains a healthy mix of caffeine,Vitamin B3 (niacin), piperine and capsicum.

Rather than add glucomannan as dietary fiber, the PhenQ formulation uses a high fiber, water soluble appetite suppressant called Nopal. Additionally, Nopal has been scientifically proven as having the ability to accelerate the body’s waste discharging activity, which reduces water retention. Additionally, PhenQ also contains L-Carnitine Fumarate, an amino acid that is naturally occurring in natural foods, which converts fat into energy to support one’s physical activities.

The overall effect of the PhenQ formulation has shown beneficial results particularly in female physiology as it also boosts mood and prevents the production of new fat cells. .

Studies Support the Efficiency of Thermogenic Ingredients as Calorie Burners

Thermogenic supplements are those containing ingredients that produce heat to help the body lose weight by burning  calories faster. Some examples of thermogenic supplements containing only either green tea, capsaicin or caffeine.

Generally, thermogenic supplements are nonprescription medicines inasmuch as they contain natural thermogenic substances that have been scientifically proven efficient in helping the body burn fat.

Caffeine – Studies found that after participants consumed caffeine, each milligram can burn an additional 10% of calories on the following day. The findings suggest that foe every 150 milligram of caffeine in a fast burner pill, thermogenic effect will to the burning of 15 calories in a span of 24 hours.

Green Tea/EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate present in green tea is in combination with caffeine as thermogenic compounds. Scientific researches have revealed that caffeinated green tea supplements can enhance fat burning by 16% and increase metabolism by 4%.

Capsaicin – a substance that is commonly found in chili peppers as they are they make chili peppers spicy. Studies on capsaicin supplements revealed that they can boost metabolism by 50 calories daily with each meal, while burning 10% more fat on the next day. A daily intake of a 6 milligram capsaicin supplement can burn belly fat within three months.

The Efficiency of Blended Thermogenic Ingredients in Supplements

Fat burner manufacturers like PhenQ developed formulations that blend the thermogenic properties of various substances to effectively and safely increase the thermogenic quality of their products. Studies have found that the results of thermogenic blended supplements are very impressive when paired with exercise.

A research that lasted for eight weeks performed a study involving a group of obese and overweight dieters who took a supplement containing a blend of capsaicin, green tea extract, and caffeine. The results show that on a daily level, users lost an additional pound of body fat when taking blended thermogenic supplements when compared to supplements that contain only one thermogenic substance.