Why Testosterone Supplements Can Be Dangerous

No one should take testosterone without a proven testosterone deficiency. The reason for this is that too much testosterone can have very bad consequences that make you anything but manly.

Testosterone administration only in the case of testosterone deficiency and only under medical supervision

You can stick to the following rule of thumb. You can only take testosterone if there is a testosterone deficiency that has been medically proven. And even then, the supply should only take place under the close supervision of a doctor. You can get physical problems if you don’t have testosterone deficiency and still take testosterone.

Significant health risks associated with testosterone administration

Since testosterone has an effect on the entire metabolism, giving testosterone to a man with normal testosterone levels can also have undesirable effects in all areas of the body. The list is massive: breast growth, breast pain, testicular reduction, testicular pain, reduced sperm count, weight gain, appetite, increased blood fat levels, hypertension, and so on.

Reduced growth during puberty

Excessive testosterone enanthate (testosteron enantat) doses during puberty also ensure that the growth plates of the bones close prematurely. Thus, the body size that is actually possible is not reached.

No better erectile function through testosterone administration

Testosterone is important for the desire for sex, and testosterone levels that are well below the normal range are usually associated with increasing sexual listlessness. However, testosterone is of secondary importance for the ability to have an erection. For example, neutering a man does not necessarily result in a total loss of his ability to have an erection. And vice versa, studies show that although testosterone administration in men with testosterone deficiency can lead to an increase desire and more nocturnal erections, it does not improve the ability to have erections.

testosterone enanthate

Muscle building steroids are too risky

To build muscle, some athletes take anabolic steroids. There are three groups of anabolic steroids into which the various preparations can be classified:

  • Steroid hormones such as testosterone and structurally related preparations
  • Growth hormones and growth factors
  • Beta-sympathomimetics

Preparations from all three groups actually have a muscle-building effect provided you also train. Various approaches to action on and in the muscle cells result in protein build-up and thus growth. So testosterone also has an anabolic effect on the muscles.