Detoxification: Who Needs It and Why

When skin is radiant and glowing, it’s a reflection that what’s going in the body are nourishments and that no waste is retained to turn up as skin blemishes. In addiction rehabilitation, patients have to undergo full-body detoxification in order to rid the body of all toxic substances at the very start, to clear the path toward recovery.

Anyway, as part of personal hygiene regimen, mild gentle detoxification can be performed regularly, especially if there are signs the body is not sending the right health signals.

Signs that Your Body Needs Self-Cleansing

When deciding to introduce a new kind of diet to your body you must first self-cleanse from within, to allow the self-healing process to begin. Still, there are other signs that you need to self-cleanse with mild, gentle concoctions of detoxifying ingredients to rid the body of toxins that have been causing the following:

  • Frequency of poor bowel movement such as diarrhoea, constipation or other gastro-intestinal problem related to waste elimination.
  • Unexplained feelings of fatigue;
  • Occurrences of allergies, rashes, hives or other skin blemishes or skin irritations;
  • Susceptibility to repeated infections
  • Puffy swollen eyes
  • Bloating and stomach acidity
  • Inability to concentrate or to apply undisturbed attention
  • Mood swings

Examples of Gentle Detoxification Solutions

Drinking plenty of water is already a gentle form of detoxification. However, you can increase the potency of water by adding lemons

Lemon water combination taken before anything else in the morning can balance the body’s pH or acidity level.

Eating green salad or juicing up dark, green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, broccoli and celery, provides a healthy dose of phytonutrients and antioxidants that are important in eliminating toxic elements out of the body.

Eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans provides the body with fiber, particularly, insoluble fiber that does not break down easily. As such, insoluble fiber stays longer in the intestine and bulks up by absorbing gut wastes before going out of the digestive system.

Give your body 12 hours interval between meals to give the body time to digest each meal before eating again.

Detoxification in Drug Rehab Centers

Detoxification procedures in addiction rehabilitation facilities are more strict and rigid as they revolve around the addiction history of a patient. Aside from info about the abused substance/s, the development of the cleansing diet will take into consideration the age, the gender, the medical history and current mental health condition of the patient. Readers from Arizona will find comprehensive information about detox centers Phoenix az at the Axiom Care website.