Weight Lifting & Pills: Key To Healthy Weight Loss

Weight lifting has been shown to help eliminate belly fat, reduce stress, and reduce the risk of heart disease and even cancer. According to some experts, this is also the easiest way to look irresistible in a bikini. However, only a small number of women decide on this activity. Only a fifth of them trains hard two or more times a week.

People who do weight lifting while taking dietary supplements can show successful results. A lot of people who want to lose excess weight favor dietary supplements with natural ingredients. To know more about supplements that not only help you lose weight but target the main cause of weight gain, read consumer reports on Alpilean. This supplement also helps with balancing cholesterol and healthy blood sugar levels. In addition, it eases bloating and digestion.

Here are some answers to why you should lift weights and take dietary supplements

You will lose 40% more fat

Cardio workouts are the key to getting rid of belly fat. A study in the field found that participants who performed aerobic exercise in combination with weight lifting lost the fattest, compared to participants who only performed aerobic exercise and those who exercised at all.

Another study of people who dieted without lifting weights found that 75% of the weight lost was fat and 25% was muscle mass.


They favorably affect the size of clothes

Researchers also prove that between the ages of 30 and 50, a person tends to lose 10% of their total muscle mass. What’s worse is that this loss is replaced by fat. This can also increase the size of clothes since the volume of fat is more voluminous than that of muscle.

Diet improves

Exercise helps the brain to stick to a plan. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh studied 169 overweight adults and found that those who did not follow a regimen that included exercising three hours a week consumed more food.

The reverse is also true. Binge eating sabotages training. Experts explain that both diet and physical exercises support the results and thus weight loss is successfully achieved.