How to Achieve Beautiful Skin With Green Tea

Woman with towels on drinking tea while reading a magazine


Green tea is a common ingredient in beauty products. But do you also get more beautiful skin if you drink a lot of tea? Green tea is also the main ingredient of Tea Burn, a tea product that specifically promotes weight loss. You can read Tea Burn consumer reports to learn more about this product.

Tea and especially green tea contains many antioxidants: these antioxidants protect your skin against free radicals. Green tea contains many polyphenols: an antioxidant that mainly focuses on damage caused by sunlight. UV radiation is the number 1 cause of wrinkles. Tea, therefore, works from the inside out as an anti-wrinkle cream. Of course, that does not mean that you can stop applying sunscreen, extra protection against UV rays is always necessary on the skin itself.

German research has shown that drinking five cups of green tea in a day improves blood flow to the skin and can cause the skin cells to get more oxygen, causing the skin to shine more. Green tea does contain caffeine (25 mg per cup, for comparison: a cup of filter coffee contains 80 mg per cup) drinking liters of green tea is therefore not recommended unless you want to spend the night (but that often does not make you any better).

White tea also benefits your skin

If you want to drink a little less caffeine go for white tea. White tea comes from the same plant only the picking is different. With white tea, the young heads are picked instead of the leaves. The taste is softer and more subtle than that of green tea. In addition, white tea is a real beautifier. White tea contains substances that inhibit proteinases. Proteinases are responsible for the breakdown of collagen and elastin.


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Herbs for your skin

Are you not a fan of green or white tea? Don’t worry. Some herbs can provide beautiful skin.
For example, nettle contains high percentages of folic acid and vitamin B2 (riboflavin), B5 (pantothenic acid), calcium, zinc, silicon, and sulfur. That will improve both your hair and skin. In addition, the blood-purifying effect of nettle is good for reducing acne.

Chamomile blossom is known for its anti-bacterial and disinfectant effect. A perfect remedy for acne, rashes, and mild eczema. You can drink it but also do it in a steam bath (also relieving colds).

Fun fact!

A long time ago (when not everyone could read and write) people relied on the signature theory of plants. The appearance of the plant says a lot about its good properties of the plant. Nettle, chamomile, green tea, and especially white tea are plants with small hairs on the leaves. These ‘hairy’ plants are therefore often good hair and skin. We are not medieval herb women and certainly do not call on you to stuff yourself with all kinds of the hairy game picking from the garden and fields because plants (and maybe also the hairy plants) can be poisonous!