Healthy Ways To Increase The Desire For Sex

The desire for sex quite naturally varies from person to person. A lower libido does not automatically mean a health problem. Stress, relationship problems, and age can all be factors that affect libido. If you feel like your libido is low and it’s putting a strain on your sex life and your relationship, you can try different methods to increase it. One method is to take sex enhancers such as kamagra.

Sex enhancer: Healthy methods to increase libido

Manage anxiety

One of the frequent barriers to normal sexual function and causes of reduced libido is the high level of anxiety in everyday life. It can be caused by various factors, and when it is specifically related to sexual function, it further complicates the situation and creates a vicious circle. The more you worry, the lower your libido, and the lower your libido, the more worry.

Improve your connection quality

Many people experience a reduced desire for sex or observe a reduced frequency of intimacy at certain times in their relationship. This can be seen in most long-term relationships.

Instead of constantly asking yourself what the problem is, you can accept that everything is normal and focus on increasing your desire for each partner.

Get enough sleep

Sufficient and regular sleep improves everyone’s overall mood and health. Research also shows a link between quality sleep and normal libido.

A small-scale study from 2015 found that women reported increased sexual desire after getting a good night’s sleep. Easier genital excitability was also reported with longer average sleep duration compared to shorter average sleep duration.


Choose a suitable nutritional diet

Quality food can improve metabolism and cardiovascular health, which positively affects sexual desire.

A diet rich in vegetables, and protein and low in sugar is a good prevention against low libido. Salmon is also a good choice, thanks to its heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. Do not skip the nuts, for example, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflowers, and hazelnuts.

Do exercise regularly

Regular exercise helps with good circulation and heart health. Physical activity increases energy and general health.

Maintain a healthy body weight

Some scientists link to overweight and obesity to decreased sexual desire and, along with other factors, to decreased fertility. This is mostly related to hormonal changes, such as low testosterone levels.

Stop smoking

Smoking can negatively affect the cardiovascular system. Good heart health is associated with good sexual function.

Smokers can experience increased levels of energy and sex drive when they quit – a reason worth trying.

Herbs associated with libido enhancement

Although they are of natural origin, herbs can have a powerful effect on health. So, consult a doctor or pharmacist when choosing an appropriate treatment.